The only camerasystem that works 365 days a year on a solarpanel!

For this type of crane BCS developed a compact system which has a very low power

consumption (1,5 Watt).
It only runs on a solarpanel with back-up battery and therefore needs no additional charging devices.
All the functions of the system can be operated by using the wireless foot pedal.
The universal mounting kit assures an easy and fast (approx. 1 hour) install on every crane.  The communication between transmitter and receiver is trough an identification code. This code is unique for every camera/transmitter unit and can be set manually trough the receiver unit in the cabin. Both the camera/transmitter unit and the receiver unit are independently exchangeable from each other.


  • One housing for camera and transmitter/receiver
  • The crane can run on a aggregate
  • The trolley can stay in any disired position after working hours
  • Swift and simple mounting, no additional charging device
  • Exchangeable components
  • Easy and fast (approx. 1 hour) installation on all cranes

The system contains the following components:


Zoom camera with build-in transceiver, battery pack, solarpanel,  display cabin-receiver, zoom footpedal, wide-screen monitor and universal mounting kit.



Specifications zoom camera:

  • Camera placed in nitrogen filled housing
  • Operating temperature -30° C tot +65° C
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Lens heating (switchable)
  • Resolution 1,3Mp / 1200TVL PAL-system
  • 22x optical zoom, autofocus
  • 12Volt DC / 1,5 Watt
  • 868mHz data receiver
  • 5,8gHz video transmitter
  • Dimension 230x90x90 mm. (LxWxH)


Specifications wireless foot pedal:

  • Robust housing
  • Equipped with mounting-magnets
  • On/off function, zoom tele/zoom wide function and lens heating
  • 446mHz wireless connection with the monitor (back-up cable provided)


Specifications solar panel:

  • Power 100 Watt
  • Foldable, equipped with carrying brackets
  • Mountable horizontal or under 45 degrees
  • Mounting bracket kit stowable in solar panel


Specifications cabin transmitter/receiver:

  • 7 video channels
  • 868mHz data transmitter
  • 5,8gHz video receiver


Specifications monitor:

  • High resolution (1920x1080) 16:9 wide screen
  • Screen size 10,1- or 13,3 inch
  • Equipped with RAM Mount fixation
  • Build-in receiver for wireless zoom pedal
  • BNC video output (for recording), HDMI and USB input